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Established in 1989, Primary Times stands as a premier magazine catering to parents, pupils, and educators within the primary school sector across the UK and Ireland.

With 59 issues in circulation, boasting a combined distribution exceeding 2.7 million per edition, each magazine uniquely caters to its local community. We proudly hold the official audit status as the United Kingdom's most widely circulated magazine.

Primary Times is a FREE What's On / Where to Go / What to Do Guide for parents of primary school children, supplemented by relevant editorials and advertising. We publish 7 times a year at the start of each half & full term holiday, plus a 'Back to School' issue. Distributed free to primary schools, it is taken home by the pupils and remains in the home for several weeks.

Having earned recognition on esteemed platforms such as BBC Radio 4, Daily Mail, Irish Times, The Scotsman, and Business A.M., Primary Times not only reigns as the market leader in its sector but proudly holds the title of the largest free distribution magazine in Europe. Additionally, our efforts have garnered commendations from Directors of Education for our dedicated service to Local Education Authorities and schools alike.

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