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Closing Date: 30th November 2019

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Book of Beasties is an award winning, psychologist endorsed mental wellness resource delivered via a card game and series of lessons. The early intervention aspires to raise emotional literacy, teach empathy, resilience and normalise the open conversation about mental health.

We recommend giving the guide a good read before you start playing the game. This will enable you to get the most out of the wellness aspects of Book of Beasties. All the activties are unique and can be performed with just paper, pencils, balloons and minimal space.

Most importantantly, take the time to talk about the Beasties, Items, Comforts, Yoga and keep in mind the main aim of the game to introduce the open and positive conversation about mental health and wellness.

Feel free to join us in the School Portal on our website (for which you will find the password in the Beastie Guide). Here you can chat direct with the creators, share ideas, stories and just chat.

Book of Beasties is available from | RRP £65.00


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What is the main aim of the game Book of Beasties game?

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