Win a set of new Enid Blyton 'The Secret Seven' books, written by Pamela Butchart!

Closing Date: 30th November 2019

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The Secret Seven: Mystery of the Theatre Ghost 
The Secret Seven are excited to be chosen as extras in a local play, but during the opening performances things go seriously wrong. Could someone be trying to sabotage? The cast and crew are adamant that a theatre ghost must be causing the mysterious accidents, but the Seven aren't convinced. It's up to the gang and their spaniel Scamper to find out who is really behind the mischief - and why!

The Secret Seven: Mystery of the Skull 
When Peter discovers an old skull hidden in his bedroom, it's time for an urgent meeting of the Secret Seven. Setting off to investigate, the friends see a gigantic hole in the grounds of a local hotel. Could there be any connection between the two strange events? The Secret Seven are determined to solve the mystery.

The Secret Seven: Mystery of the Theatre Ghost  and The Secret Seven: Mystery of the Skull  
are both published by Hodder Children's Books | RRP £6.99 each


We are giving away 5 sets of new Enid Blyton 'The Secret Seven' books, written by Pamela Butchart. For your chance to win, simply answer the following question:

The Secret Seven is group of child what?

a) ghosts

b) spies

c) detectives

*Winners will only be selected from our keep up to date subscribers

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