WIN one of 10 Sun-Sorted! sun protection kits to help keep your whole class Sun-Sorted! for sports day

Closing Date: 14th June 2021

Sports day is coming… and what is better than a touch of competitive outdoor sport to celebrate the start of summer. However, with just one blistering sunburn doubling the chances of melanoma in later life, sun protection needs to be taken seriously by everyone, particular children.  

To make this task easier, the Melanoma Fund created the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, for those who works outdoors with KS2 children. Supported by 100’s of sport and outdoor activity organisations, it is also championed by Primary Times. NEW for 2021 is the Sun-Sorted! quiz, an educational and engaging resource designed to enhance a child’s understanding of sun protection. Scores are graded from Solar Novice to Solar Superstar and a free certificate is provided on completion.

The BIG giveaway

The Melanoma Fund is offering 10 FREE Sun-Sorted! kits to not only ensure that everyone has access to sunscreen on the day, but also to incentivise children to take quiz. Packs include a bottle of SunSense Kids SPF50 sunscreen, a Sun-Sorted! wristband and OK Kids whistles to help teachers blow the whistle on sunburn!

To apply for a pack email, including your name, school or club and address, with #PrimaryTimes


Sun Protection Accredited

To ensure sun protection it taken into the holidays, why not get your school summer clubs ‘Sun Protection Accredited’ to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, which is free and easy to implement. For further details visit:

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