Win a set of Science Works books!

Closing Date: 5th December 2023

Discover brand new editions of The Science Works series to help children explore mind-blowing facts about the science of our world!

The Rock Factory
Deep down underground the Earth's rock factory is mixing and melting, and squeezing and stirring, and baking and making rocks. The Rock Factory tells the story of how a special sort of stone formed deep inside the Earth, and came to the surface thousands of millions of years later. This book looks at how minerals turn into rock crystals, how the Earth is structured and how volcanoes happen.

Monster Stones
Millions of years ago, a hungry dinosaur did something daft and died in a river. What happened next is one of the oldest stories in the world – the dinosaur became a FOSSIL. This book takes the reader back millions of years to tell the story of a dinosaur's death. Through this story, we discover how fossils are formed. We also learn how they are discovered, removed, researched and preserved in museums.

The Rock Factory and Monster Stones are published by Bloomsbury Education | RRP £7.99 each

We are giving 3 lucky entrants the chance to win a set of Science Works books! For your chance to win, simply answer the following question:

Which of the following is the largest active volcano on land?

a) Mount Vesuvius

b) Tamu Massif

c) Mauna Loa

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