Win a copy of My Dad and the Toot that Shook the World

Closing Date: 1st July 2024

All aboard the Butt Force One! Travel the world and back again in this TOOT-ally hilarious rhyming romp following the most destructive fart to ever be farted!

When Eddie's dad lets off a ground-shakingly shocking fart, they know it's about to take the world by stinky storm. And only they can stop it.

It was just a normal day as we all sat and watched the telly. The only signs of danger a slight rumble in dad’s belly. We didn’t know that dad was sitting on a powder keg, as quietly, without a sound, he lifted up one leg . . .

Get ready for a toot-acular, rip-roaring, globe-spanning adventure to catch the powerful parp!

My Dad and the Toot that Shook the World is published by ‎ Hodder Children's Books  | RRP £7.99

We are giving away 5 copies of My Dad and the Toot that Shook the World. For your chance to win, simply answer the following question:

What day does father's day fall on each year?

a) Third Sunday in June

b) Third Monday in June

c) Third Tuesday in June

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