Kip McGrath want to help Your Child

We all want the best for our children. Deciding what that is can be a challenge.

At Kip McGrath we understand that every child is individual and our professional, experienced tutors know how to get the best out of your child.

We have many stories of children whose confidence has improved so much that it has affected every part of their lives. Once your child has confidence and believes in themselves they will soar!

We believe that every child can learn and individual tuition allows us the time to go over concepts as many times as necessary whilst keeping it interesting. Those light bulb moments are great for both the child and the tutor.

Some of the best moments in our centres are seeing children leave with a smile on their face knowing that they have succeeded – it is priceless!


Here are a couple of stories of recent local successes, told by the people involved. 

I contacted Kip McGrath when my son became reluctant to go to school. He said the work was too hard and he was becoming demoralised. Even after the initial assessment I was pleased we had made the decision to get him a tutor. The staff are so friendly and helpful. My son looks forward to his lessons. He actually skips into the centre.

My year 2 daughter started to attend Kip McGrath after initially being unable to recognise or write any letters. After a term on Kip McGrath’s reading programme her confidence had improved so much that school had noticed. We are one year on and she is now reading in line with her peers and is enjoying learning for the first time ever.

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