Anti-Bullying Week with Andy Day

Primary Times teams up with Andy Day to support Anti-Bullying Week which is celebrated in over three quarters of schools across the country, 11th - 15th November.

Andy Day is set to hit our screens in March 2020 with his new CBBC show Andy and the Band, but the children’s TV star is also busy playing a leading part in Anti-Bullying Week. We tracked down the frontman of Andy and the Odd Socks to find out why tackling bullying is close to his heart. When asked how he got involved in bullying work, Andy explained  “I wasn’t bullied at school, but I saw others who were, and I’ve seen the effects that bullying has had on their personal growth into adulthood. For some it has toughened them and for many it has diminished their confidence and potential”.

“It starts young”, he explains. “Having worked in kid’s TV most of my career, when I got the chance to be involved in Anti-Bullying week, it just chimed with me”. Andy Day has a children’s band, ‘Andy and the Odd Socks’, and together they came up with a simple idea for supporting Anti-Bullying week. “Why not highlight what makes us all unique with an Odd Socks Day? Children could celebrate difference and diversity simply by pulling on a pair of odd socks and raise some money for a good cause in the process”.

Odd Socks Day started in 2017 and has since been a runaway success, raising over £60,000 to support the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s work. Every year Andy records a song to support the theme of Anti-Bullying and this year’s theme is ‘Change Starts with Us’. “The idea is to highlight the changes, the little things each of us can do, that make all the difference to someone on the receiving end of bullying”, Andy explains. For Andy, tackling bullying “could be as simple as being there to listen to someone who is hurting inside. To build their confidence and support them. Or thinking twice before posting a hurtful post on social media. Or speaking out when banter has crossed the line into something more harmful.” “Most of us will experience bullying in some capacity throughout our lives. Young or old, we can all do something to show that bullying is never acceptable.”

Andy is working on the song ‘Change’ and video as we speak. “All I can say is: think the Muppets meet Strictly, Odd Socks style! This tune will really get kids (and grown-ups!) up and dancing!” In addition to working with Anti-Bullying week, Andy and the Odd Socks have just finished filming their new comedy for CBBC ‘Andy and the Band’ and are looking forward to seeing that broadcast in March 2020. On top of that, Andy explains, “we’ve had an amazing summer touring the festival scene – including performances at the BBC Summer Social.” “We’ve been fitting in visits to Odd Socks Day schools too. Every day is an adventure at the moment! All our focus now is on making this year’s Odd Socks Day the biggest and best one ever!”

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