World Book Day: Make time for reading

With World Book Day approaching (5th March) there’s no better time to get back into reading with your child. It can be difficult to find the time to read in busy family life, but there are so many benefits to picking up a book: improving your child’s mental health, igniting your child’s creativity, increasing their reading age and fi nding a love of learning.

Reading also doesn’t have to be an expense; there will be an excellent selection of ageappropriate books in your local library, in the school library or online. World Book Day are also off ering much-loved children’s books for just £1.

Here are some of the reasons to make time for reading:

Reading Expand their Vocabulary
Even as adults when we read we come across new words, so when children read they will discover additional vocabularym that will progress their reading age.

Reading is great for understanding English; how to pronounce words and speak comprehensively in class or with their friends and family. Start reading with your child at an early age so they develop it as a habit. It will benefit their development as well as their academic education at school.

Independent learning
As a solitary exercise, reading forces children to relax and independently absorb the new knowledge shared within the story. Being able to read proficiently will improve your child’s confidence reading in class and their communication in general whether verbal or written.

Improve their writing
Reading broadens a child’s vocabulary, imagination and creativity all of which can be channelled into other outlets such as their own reading and writing. In literacy your child will have to learn spellings and understand the sound and letters in complex words. It will help your child to have learnt words from reading as they can then use them in their Literacy to write a better story.

Dedicated family time
Story-time is popular at bedtime for young children, but as your child grows up it’s important to ensure that dedicated reading time isn’t lost. Reading to or with your child is a great activity that will benefit them and also allow you to spend quality time as a family working your way through a book or series.

Better understanding of the world
Books are filled with morals for children to learn, including how to behave with their friends, ways to show kindness to others and to appreciate diversity or difference. The beloved Gruffalo tells children to not judge someone on their appearance, as those first impressions could be wrong. It’s about appreciating our differences and being friends with everyone.

If you’re struggling with where to start, here’s some of our favourites!







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