It’s Official – the Wren is Our Commonest Bird

In the latest report looking at the size of our bird populations, the wren tops the list with 11 million pairs across the UK. The wren is a very shy bird and one of our smallest so you don’t see them very often but they’re definitely there in our gardens and parks. You’re much more likely to hear it. In proportion to its size, the wren has the loudest song of any British bird.

The ‘Population Estimates of Birds in Great Britain and the United Kingdom’ report shows that the wren continues to hold the title of our commonest bird. The last report in 2013 also had the wren at the top of the list but with a population of just over 8.5 million pairs. Wren numbers are known to fluctuate according to environmental conditions and it may be that generally milder winters are benefitting one of our smallest birds.

The top five commonest birds are wren, robin, house sparrow and woodpigeon with chaffinch and blackbird sharing the number five spot.

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