Fergie Frog Helps Teach First Aid to Primary School Children

Three women on a mission to bring the critical skill of First Aid to every child in the UK have released the first book in their series - Fergie Frog’s First Aid Adventures, a First Aid Manual for little ones. The books are unique, teachings first aid in a fun and informative way, with easy to remember rhymes and vibrant illustrations, inspiring young readers to use the important life skills of nurturing care, kindness and helping each other as essential aspects of First Aid.

Authors, Lisa Pascoulis, Carol Bastie and Illustrator, Olivia Rani Bessant are passionate about the importance of first aid, especially for young children aged 5-7. The British Red Cross have reported up to 59% of deaths by injury could be prevented in the UK if first aid was given prior to the arrival of medical services. Teaching children these life skills at a young age is imperative to give them the ability & confidence to act if they are faced with an emergency.

During the COVID-19 lock-down, the ever-optimistic trio looked for opportunities to turn the challenging time into an opportunity to do good. Their collaboration formed a partnership called Perfectly Brilliant Books, and the lovable Frog called Fergie character was developed. Fergie shares his knowledge with children, appealing to their curiosity and empowering them to feel confident to deal with an emergency situation in a safe, kind and caring way, should one arise.

I’m a Nanny and brought this fantastic first aid book for the little one I look after. It’s amazing - pictures and wording are spot on! We have read every day since we brought it. I brought this book to teach my charge on how to deal with a emergency situation if anything was to happen to me whilst she was in my care but also to give confidence to deal with a situation and this book does just that! We love Fergie Frogs First Aid Adventures!!!!

Pascoulis, Bastie and Bessant continue to work on a series of books, encompassing different aspects of First Aid and Mental Health awareness for children aged between 5 and 7 years old. They are confident schools, families and children will benefit from their sympathetic expertise and advice, gradually expand their understanding and abilities as they learn and grow. To find out more visit @perfectlybrilliantbooks or Amazon.

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