What Our Animals Get Up To After Dark

Paradise Wildlife Park has discovered that as the sunsets and the zookeepers head home, the animals of the Park get up to some incredible activities when no one is around. A video released on our TikTok page reached over 3 Million views in under two days. With viewers getting to see through CCTV footage that love is all around as well as, midnight acrobatics!

Featured within the video is perhaps one of the most cutest couples in the Animal Kingdom; Snow Leopards Panja and Jessie. The affection displayed between the couple has sparked the hearts of the world, with their nightly snuggles captured by the CCTV cameras. They have definitely embodied the notion of couple goals and provide the hope in the future to have the pitter-patter of tiny paws.

Besides the Snow Leopard cuteness, we also get an insight into other animals at the zoo. From Tilly the Red Panda doing adorable rolly pollies in her bed to the UK’s largest anaconda on display, Optimus Prime exploring her habitat. There is no possible way to decide which animal is the cutest.

This CCTV video has given an insight into the nightly activities and affection of animals in the zoo which hasn’t been widely documented before. We wait in anticipation to see what else these beautiful animals get up to as the sun goes down and everyone leaves.


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