Schools vs. Climate Change

Following the success of CUP26, Planet Super League’s next competition has been confirmed.

Kicking off in January, the ‘Spring 1’ UK half-term will see a 6-week competition titled Schools vs. Climate Change, where this time, players are battling to see their SCHOOL climb the league table and come out on top.

Players will be battling it out to represent their school, score green goals and play for the planet.

The competition will see schools from all over the UK battle it out to be the greenest and crowned the champions of Planet Super League’s first ever Schools vs. Climate Change competition.

What is ‘Schools vs. Climate Change’?

Free to join: Represent your school. Score green goals. Play for the planet.

A national competition in which schools compete to be the greenest. Over 100 green activities are available that can be completed in school or at home; with every activity completed scoring goals for your school and helping them climb the national league table. Activities include tasks such as walking to school, eating a meat-free meal, completing educational activities, clearing litter and many more.

You have 6 weeks to score as many goals as you can to become the greenest school.

Schools will climb the league table on the basis of the total number of green goals they have scored, another measured metric will be the impact (in KG of CO2e), and in the event of a tie, the school with the biggest impact will come out on top.

When is the competition taking place?

January 10th to February 20th 2022

How does my school get involved?

If your school is in England, they should automatically be available for selection in the sign-up page. Choose your Local Authority via the scroll or search field, then choose your school from within the Local Authority dropdown. If you can’t find your school on the search list, please make sure you have the correct Local Authority, and if they are still not there, please email with the name, postcode and local authority of your school.

When taking part, you can download our schools pack from Within this pack you will find a guide to making the most of Planet Super League: SvCC in your school, letters that can be sent home to parents, assembly materials and classroom activity packs. You do not have to use the classroom activity packs to get involved, but this gives you additional options to support lessons and classroom work around climate change and sustainability in a fun and cross-curricular format.

Who can take part?

Anybody in the school’s community. Students, teachers, staff, parents and key stakeholders.

How do we get ‘players’ to sign up to represent our school?

The recommended method is to send a letter home to parents who will then sign their children/family up to take part as an individual 'player' to represent the school. This allows goals to be scored at home and outside of school hours, which still count towards your school’s tally.

Teachers can also sign up, and if activities are being completed in groups of 10 or more, then you can submit evidence via the “Class: Activity Name” activities carousel. This counts for more goals than completing an activity as an individual, but the evidence needs to show a group participating (i.e., 5 goals will require 5 people in the evidence submitted).

What about photo consent?

If parents are signing children up at home and creating their own account then they are providing consent for photographs to be uploaded via that individual account. If you are using an in-school account to upload goals, then please ensure that third-party photo consent is obtained for all individuals within a photo before uploading. If there are individuals without photo consent, then either avoid including those individuals in photos, cover their face, or take photos which do not show the child’s face.

What about GDPR?

We do not collect personal information other than an email address for log-in purposes and the school you are representing. Email addresses are not shared with 3rd parties unless the individual ticks the box to allow sharing with the football club they have chosen. Their football club might want to contact them to inform them about prizes they have won for their performance in the SvCC competition.

What about safeguarding?

If you have any safeguarding concerns, please email

We sometimes show ‘Highlights’ (examples of goalscoring photos) on the website or on our social media platforms, but this is done manually, and as such no inappropriate photos will appear on the platform. We have a ‘VAR’ system, whereby all photos submitted for goals are monitored and approved based on the following:

a) it is a valid submission and meets the criteria of the activity;

b) that it is appropriate.

There is no chat functionality on our website and as such, users do not have contact with anybody they do not know.

Why does it ask me to choose a football club?

In our previous edition we collaborated with football clubs around the country, the government and COP26 (Climate Summit) to bring children CUP26. In the last competition we held, children still signed up and represented their school, however the tournament was based around head to head games between football clubs, using everyone's love of football to promote climate action. This time we are focussing on school in order to foster fundamental infrastructural change to the way schools teach and promote climate action. The young minds of today are the leaders of tomorrow and education is key in solving climate change.

This competition is to represent your school, but future competitions may see you represent your football club instead. If the club you support isn’t on the list, don’t worry! Choose another club and if/when YOUR club joins Planet Super League, we can transfer you.

I want to take part, but don’t have an association with a school, can I join?

Yes. As well as the Schools League Table, there is also an INDIVIDUAL League Table in which you can compete for the Golden Boot Award to be the individual player with the most green goals.

Are there any prizes?

YES! Some prizes are detailed below:

• SvCC Champion: will receive a £500 prize and the Schools vs. Climate Change Plate (which can stay at the school until the next SvCC competition).

• SvCC Impactful School Award: the school that has the biggest impact on the planet (calculated in KG of CO2 & trees planted equivalent) will have 1,000 football pitches worth of trees protected in their name in partnership with the Rainforest Trust.

• SvCC Green Boot: The individual player who has the biggest impact over the course of the season will receive a £50 voucher.

• SvCC School of the Week: Each week, two schools demonstrating their SvCC progress on social media will be rewarded with a signed children’s book by a renowned author, either about football or about sustainability.

• Football Club/Sport Provider Prizes: Those schools working in association with football clubs and sports providers may be eligible for additional prizes directly from the organisation.

Any other questions?

Please email

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