Brand New Series 2 of One Zoo Three is HERE!

One Zoo Three is back on our screens on CBBC and BBC iPlayer now! Paradise Wildlife Park and their sister site The Big Cat Sanctuary are welcomed back on our screens with much excitement and anticipation.

The CBBC led show is a fun educational series which teaches children and adults alike about what happens when running a Zoo and a Sanctuary as well as the conservation work done to support the animals wild counterparts. Brother’s Cam, Tyler and Aaron are taking us on a wild animal adventure at both Paradise Wildlife Park and The Big Cat Sanctuary! We have seen how the brothers and their team of amazing keepers across both charities provide the best quality welfare for endangered species. One Zoo Three has really brought us behind the scenes and is educating us all on the hard work and passion that goes into not only the day to day activities of a zoo and a sanctuary but the mission to protect and conserve the natural world.

The collection of episodes are now all available on BBC iPlayer and on the CBBC channel at 5:35pm. Get ready to learn through Training Day, Alpha Animals to even Dinosaur Day! Join the brother’s through Cam’s Cam, Whose Poo? With Ty and even Ask Aaron where viewers of all ages will learn more about the animals at the zoo and sanctuary through their various behaviours and unique personalities.

Get ready for a wild Summer, with 13 episodes at 22 minutes long this July on CBBC and BBC iPlayer with more episodes coming later in the year and in 2023 as well!

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