The English National Opera’s new music making programme for KS2

Finish This... invites your class to be ENO Composers, tasking them with the mission to respond to, and resolve, a purposefully unfinished operatic piece titled ‘Blue, Red, Yellow…’ A unique musical starting point for your pupils to embrace their imaginations, experiment with sound, and create new colour worlds and stories – all through the lens of opera.

Finish This... is co-created with teachers, artists and learning specialists, and packed with KS2 curriculum learning links.

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Free to all state primary schools nationwide.

Easy to understand lesson plans and videos which guided teachers of all experience and musical levels. – Teacher from Icknield School, Luton

It was great that it felt like the children’s composition, not simply something that they were given to perform or adapt. – Teacher from Rushey Green Primary School, London


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Pupils will:

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There are so many skills that were developed alongside the music, and I think that was really powerful – Teacher from Bushmead School, Luton

It has been fantastic! The children had so much fun – every step was accessible to them and allowed them to show their own personalities through their creativity. – Teacher from All Souls C of E Primary School, London


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