BookTrust's 2023 Great Books Guide: helping to spark a love of reading in children

Keeping up to date with new children's literature and children’s reading tastes can be challenging for teachers. The Great Books Guide provides a reliable, independent source of guidance on the latest, high-quality children's books.

This valuable resource supports primary school teaching staff in choosing the right books and stories for each child and equips them to make informed recommendations to young readers.

BookTrust’s priority is to support vulnerable and disadvantaged children and to get all children reading for pleasure so they can reap the many benefits of reading.

The Great Books Guide is evidence of the charity’s commitment to quality and contemporary literature for all children as it features a range of brilliant, inclusive and diverse books that align with the broad spectrum of pupil’s interests and meet the Department for Education's reading framework standards.

The 100 titles are grouped in age categories, as a guide to assist teachers selecting the right books for their pupils’ reading stages, alongside some titles that are suitable for primary school pupils at more advanced reading levels. New this year, links to the National Curriculum are flagged for each book.

Diana Gerald, Chief Executive of BookTrust said: “We firmly believe the right book for a child is the one they want to read, so we hope this guide of 100 carefully curated books not only ignites a love of reading but shows children just how much is available to them – including books that feature characters and circumstances they can relate to.

BookTrust is proud to provide this guide to primary school teaching staff as we understand the many challenges they face in the midst of the ever-changing landscape of diverse and inclusive books. That's why we’ve created this guide, collaborating with teachers and book experts, including links to the curriculum for each book.

We hope this guide continues to be a trusted tool on the journey to making reading a joy for all students."

Printed copies of BookTrust’s Great Books Guide have been delivered to every primary school in England and Northern Ireland. A downloadable pdf is available on the BookTrust website and this year a dual-language digital edition is available for primary schools in Wales.

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