Trinity Piano 2023. Your Performance. Your Choice.

The most diverse selection of Piano repertoire yet, enabling learners to play the music they love for their Trinity exams and beyond.

Trinity’s new 'Piano Exam Pieces Plus Exercises from 2023: Initial – Grade 8' books include 21 pieces per grade in each Extended Edition book and 12 pieces in the Standard Edition books. These beautiful, high-quality publications contain an enormous range of styles and genres, from Western classical to music from stage, screen and video games; 20th-century classical hits to global pop hits from around the world; jazz greats to Latin standards. As well as newly-composed exercises and performance notes, the Extended Edition books also include broadcast-quality downloadable audio tracks so learners can hear their favourite pieces - some even performed by the composers themselves.

In addition to the inspiring repertoire in Trinity’s new 2023 Piano books, students can continue to play the pieces and exercises published in Trinity’s previous 2021 Piano books for their exams - 42 published pieces to choose from at every grade. All of Trinity’s Piano exam books are available in both physical print and ebook formats, and there are an additional 200+ single editions available as downloadable sheet music and audio on the TCLPress ebook store.

'Trinity has produced perhaps the most impressive, comprehensive, wide-ranging and appealing piano syllabus yet and one which I am sure both teachers and students will enjoy exploring and playing' - The Cross-Eyed Pianist.

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