Activating sun protection at Easter

With sunburn in childhood doubling the risk of melanoma, children should understand the importance of sun protection, and have access to sunscreen when playing outdoors.

Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code
To support this, Melanoma Fund is working with the Department of Education and local authorities, to get 'Holiday & Food' children's clubs signed up to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, a FREE accreditation campaign, offering downloadable sun protection resources that are fun and easy to implement.

Sunscreen for ALL
The charity also provides wall mounted sunboards, which come with a refillable dispenser and house a 1lr cartridge of SPF5 sunscreen, sun safety tips, and an adjustable UV dial, educate children that sun protection is only required when the UV Index is 3+. The idea ensures that if children arrive without sunscreen, they can still protect their skin!

Local support
The boards can be purchased by local authorities, or sponsored with logos, providing an impactful advertising opportunity for local/ regional groups or individuals who want to give something back. Available at subsidised prices, which include delivery, branding and a small donation to the Melanoma Fund, the idea helps provide a level playing ground around children's future health.

For further information visit: or email info@melanoma-fund.

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