Cracking reads this easter

Step into the magical world of Maggie Sparks: the mischievous little witch who turns every day into an adventure!

Join Maggie as she learns how to tackle school, make friends and most confusing of all: understand her emotions – when she’s not facing dragons and meeting aliens, that is! The good thing is, Maggie’s a witch. A super powerful, super smart, super talented witch … who sometimes gets her spells wrong!

With 5 incredible stories to enjoy this Easter, kids will get stuck into these books while having their own adventures. Check out our top five things to do this Easter, inspired by Maggie!

1. Check out the local swimming pools – but watch out for sharks! Before you go, have a read of Maggie Sparks and the Swimming Pool Sharks to create your own sense of fun as kids splash around during a family swim.

2. School’s out but slime is in! Take inspiration from Maggie Sparks and the School of Slime to create your very own messy play or experiment station at home. See what’s in the kitchen cupboard and let them have a go at being scientists in their very own lab.

3. For a fun craft activity - inspired by Maggie Sparks and the Truth Dragon, why not have a go at making your very own dragon at home for a craft session?

4. Alien Invasion! Build your very own space station and be prepared to tackle invading aliens, a bit like Maggie Sparks and the Alien Invasion - kids will need their inner powers to fight away the aliens!

5. Parents vs. Kids - play if you dare! Maggie and the Monster Baby is a hilarious way to inspire a bit of family rivalry this Easter. Get competitive in a series of games and see who wins!

Follow Maggie Sparks on 5 epic adventures brought to life through a sense of fun, excitement and, of course, magic.

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