How to boost your child’s fine motor skills this Easter

Did you know that extra-curricular activities can help your child with their schoolwork?

Crafting offers little ones a creative way to learn through play and is brilliant for developing fine motor skills — essential for everyday tasks, from fastening buttons to tying shoelaces and even holding a pencil. Experts agree that these skills are honed through the precise movement of fingers, which are necessary for grasping and holding a range of materials and equipment. Crafting strengthens these hand muscles and boosts hand-eye coordination in a way that youngsters love.

Put simply, nurturing fine motor skills helps to give children the best possible start — both academically and beyond.

That’s where toucanBox comes in. toucanBox is a craft box subscription for kids aged 3-8. Delivering crafts for over a decade, their mission is to deliver educational fun that helps kids develop self-sufficiency and learn through play.

As a member of their craft club, you'll receive monthly personalised craft boxes tailored to your child’s age, the activity-packed toucanBox magazine, and more. Claim your first box free when joining the 12 Month plan — visit and use the code firstboxfree at checkout.

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