Waddling Melodies: Schoolchildren Lead the Way on World Seabird Day!

Across the United Kingdom, schools and families are captivated by a delightful song, Penguins! which has children and parents alike waddling to the catchy tune. Ahead of World Seabird Day, July 3rd, Out of the Ark Music, the leading schools’ music publisher has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to make the song available for free, allowing everyone to join in the celebration of these winged, black-and-white creatures, and providing a powerful tool for raising awareness and funds to protect marine life.

Penguins! is a memorable tune – and an educational resource which teaches listeners all 18 penguin species. From garden benches to school assembly halls, families and schools around the UK have enthusiastically embraced the #DoTheWaddle challenge, performing the song while waddling in tribute to the flightless birds. Combined across social media platforms, the videos posted online have currently amassed tens of thousands of views.

Naomi Johnson, co-writer of the song, explains the inspiration behind the writing, “We wrote Penguins! initially, because we knew that children would simply love singing about them. Songs are powerful, and this funky, infectious tune was written to waddle its way into schools and bring some joy and smile factor, whilst also encouraging schools to expand their learning on penguins and the pressing need for seabird preservation. It’s been a real treat to see children, parents and teachers alike get involved up and down the country.”

To mark World Seabird Day, primary schools across the country are participating in Penguins Week from July 1st to July 5th. The free Penguins pack all schools can download includes an assembly plan, the Words on a Screenversion of the song, and activities to get children serious about singing. The pack, created by Out of the Ark Music and WWF also includes information to educate children on the issues these of captivating animals and their habitats.

Schools are encouraged to act now and download the Penguins school pack to bring joy and learning to schools and communities. Moreover, everyone can support WWF's mission to protect sea life by donating.

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