Christingle Fruit Bowl

Ingredients (makes 1):


  1. First off you’ll need to slice your orange – try to cut the orange a few centimetres above the middle of the orange, that way your fruit bowl will be able to hold all of the sweet treats inside.
  2. Hollow out the orange by scooping the segments out – don’t worry these won’t go to waste!
  3. Prepare the fruit to be placed inside your very own Christingle Fruit bowl. Peel your kiwi and chop into thin slices, slice the 3 strawberries in half, slice the plum, wash the grapes and pick a handful from your bunch and finally slice the pomegranate and scoop out the seeds.
  4. Now place your prepared fruit into the Christingle Fruit bowl, don’t forget about the orange segments that you scooped out earlier - pop some of these back in with the rest of your fruit.
  5. Your Christingle Fruit Bowl is ready, now all you need to do it decorate it! Pierce the orange with the clove stem, using as many cloves as you’d like in whatever pattern. As you can see from our design we’ve used a triangle pattern.


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