About I See Me! Personalised Story Books for Children

Kids will love being the stars of their very own stories!

I See Me! personalised books are award-winning, unique keepsake gifts that children and parents will treasure for a lifetime. 

Already beloved by celebrities such as Courtney Cox, Brooke Shields and Jessica Alba, these beautifully illustrated books are made one at a time, specifically for each child and personalised with his or her name.

The mission of I See Me! is to increase a child’s self-esteem by creating for them their very own personalised book celebrating their uniqueness. The goal is to show each child how absolutely special and unique he or she is.

Each book tells a different story in which the child is the star. Children love to see themselves as the star of the story and not only does this build their confidence but also engages them into learning about the spelling of their own name and into building their vocabulary skills. The books can also help with issues such as bed-time routines or how to help a child prepare for becoming a sibling.

Each book allows the purchaser to include a dedication to go inside the front cover, some offer the option to upload the child’s photo which will be used throughout the book and some even feature options to further customise the child’s skin tone, hair colour, hometown, birth date, favourite colour and best friend’s names.

I See Me! books are available to UK customers with a turn around time of just 2 weeks and shipping of £6.50.



Review: My mummy gave me a new book today, the book was called Ethan's Very Own Trucks And Things That Go. That's my name I shouted joyfully to my mum and dad. I opened the book to see there was a picture of me, I wanted to show it to Mrs Evans my nursery teacher right away.

The book was about lots of trucks, cars and even hang gliders collecting letters from the alphabet, these letters started to spell out my name.

I had lots of fun reading the different letters out loud, I even started to recognise the letters on my own as we kept reading.

Mum was very impressed with the book, it's an excellent book to help me learn to spell my name.


Ethan, age 3 (read my other reviews)

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