Dance, sing, be dramatic … and find your child’s creative courage for life

Every step, every word, and every note is an adventure! Join the Stagecoach family, where dreams take flight, friendships bloom, and every child is the hero of their own story!

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Stagecoach Performing Arts, where the spotlight shines on fun, creativity and boundless self-expression. At Stagecoach, every child is celebrated, and the stage is a canvas for their imagination. The school’s unique blend of dance, drama, and singing not only nurtures young talents but also fosters life-long friendships and builds unshakable confidence. Whether your child dreams of a life on the stage or simply wants a place to let their creativity soar, Stagecoach is the perfect destination!

Its vibrant schools are where the magic happens. Through dance, children learn to express themselves, developing coordination, rhythm, and expression. Drama classes open doors to new worlds, encouraging students to step into different roles, understand diverse perspectives, and find their own voice. Singing sessions are not just about hitting the right notes; they're about unlocking the power of individual expression and the joy of connecting through music. At Stagecoach, every step, every word, and every note is an adventure.

But Stagecoach is so much more than performing arts. It's a place where friendships are forged in the shared excitement of rehearsals and the collective applause of performances. It's where teamwork and collaboration are not just taught but lived. In this nurturing environment, students support each other, celebrating successes and learning from every experience. These bonds often last a lifetime, as students not only share a stage but also share their dreams and aspirations.

Confidence-building is at the heart of what Stagecoach does. It believes that every child has a unique spark, and its passionate teachers are dedicated to helping that spark ignite. Through personalised attention and encouragement, Stagecoach helps students overcome shyness, embrace their true selves, and step into the limelight with confidence. Its aim is not just to create performers but to empower young people who can face the world with their heads held high, no matter what path they choose in life. The Stagecoach team call it finding their creative courage for life!

The schools celebrate every milestone, from the first tentative steps onto the stage to the triumphant final bow. Its performances are a kaleidoscope of talent, energy, and creativity, showcasing the incredible journey of the students. Grownups beam with pride as they watch their children transform, not just into performers, but into confident, creative, and compassionate young people.

With schools in Gloucester, Cirencester and Cheltenham across Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there are plenty of classes to choose from starting with the 4 to 6yrs Early Stages classes lasting 90 minutes each week right up to the 6 to 18yrs age groups in the Main Stages sessions which run for three hours a week.

So, join the Stagecoach family, where dreams take flight, friendships bloom, and every child is the hero of their own story. Whether twirling in a dance, captivating an audience in a drama, or harmonising in a song, your child will find a place to shine. Stagecoach Performing Arts doesn't just teach the arts, it inspires lives, one stage at a time!

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Want to discover the magic of Stagecoach? Book a two-week trial so your child can get stuck in for themselves! Join them for two sessions of performing arts fun before signing up to be a part of the fabulous team and an official Stagecoacher. The very best way to test out Stagecoach!

4 to 6 years Early Stages (one-and-a-half hours per week) two-week trial - £25

6 years+ age groups Main Stages (three hours per week) two-week trial - £50

Stagecoach’s new term starts in January!

Visit to find your nearest school, check class times and availability before booking a two-week trial. They can't wait to welcome you and your children to their fabulous, friendly, and totally FUN Stagecoach team!

All Stagecoach schools are proud to be Ofsted-registered and able to accept childcare vouchers and tax-free payments. With direct debit plans available to spread fees over the year there are options to suit everyone.

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